Ways for assessment of the potential for development of the so called “smart cities”

  • Yana STOENCHEVA University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
Keywords: urbanisation, cities, indicators, electronic technologies


The objective of the present article is to discuss and explore relevant indicators for assessing the possibilities for the realisation of the concept of “smart cities”. Therefore, as a characteristic of primary importance regarding the potential and the expected benefits from the realisation of the “smart cities” concept, we have highlighted the level of urbanization. Supplied and analysed is data about the urban population within the European Union, by country, as well as data about the regions around Bulgaria. As a second most significant indicator is singled out the access to financial resources, which are measured by GDP per capita of the population, as well as employment rates. Thirdly we have singled out a group of indicators which assess the level of technological advancement of a population.