Wise Governance – Elements of the digital strategies of municipalities


  • Christian SCHACHTNER IU International University of Applied Sciences, Bad Reichenhall, Germany




Leadership/ Management, Public Value Creation, Responsible Creation, Data Policy


The innovation fields of municipalities are based on the creation of added value for the local population by creating a portfolio of digital implementation projects as a "proof of concept".

The Objective of the research project is focussed on answers to the questions of Strategies on multi-time acceptable and responsible governance standards in a portfolio of data-based, bureaucracy-reducing and trend-based topics.

The Prior work serves the elements of Open Data, Public Value Modeling, Business Process Optimization, Public Corporate Responsibility and Digital Leadership in a holistic orientation question of municipal departments.

The Approach are adjusting screws in the interaction of control options from the spectrum of local governance. Between different surveys there are relationships and effects.

The Results show that basic prerequisites at the level of values, competencies and management are necessary in order to effectively implement targeted instruments of digital transformation in everyday life. Transparency tools and creativity technology support the introduction of targeted governance.

The Implications of this interdisziplinary project should give an impact to academics in the public management and data sciences as well as specialists of leadership and strategic management. For practioneers and leaders of municipalities the possibilities of wise governance should get visual.

The Value of the paper lies in the direction of the tension between stable efficiency measures and visionary holisticness of adoption capability of ambiguous requirements in the public sector.




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SCHACHTNER, C. . (2022). Wise Governance – Elements of the digital strategies of municipalities. Smart Cities and Regional Development (SCRD) Journal, 6(2), 23–29. https://doi.org/10.25019/scrd.v6i2.126