Ethics Statement

The editors of this journal require a rigorous peer review process, along with strict ethical policies and standards, to ensure the addition of high-quality scientific papers in the field of academic publishing.

Authors wishing to publish in the SCRD Journal must abide by the following:

  • Prior to submission, a possible conflict of interest must be reported in the paper;
  • The results of the authors' research must be presented accurately and they must include objective discussions about them;
  • The data and methods in the paper must be presented in a form that is easy for readers to understand and detailed enough to be used by other researchers;
  • Sending manuscripts to several journals at the same time is not tolerated;
  • If authors find errors and inaccuracies after the publication of their work, they must be promptly communicated to the editors of this journal so that appropriate action can be taken;
  • Plagiarism, data fabrication and image manipulation are not tolerated.