Vol. 2 No. 1 (2018)

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The articles in this collection explore different aspects of smart cities. "Is the Smart cities of hybrid model of local government - The type III cities: Four possible answers" examines the role of local government in smart city development. "Smart governance and metropolitan dimension, Case for Krakow, Poland" discusses the importance of governance structures in smart cities, with a case study of Krakow. "People make a city smart" argues that people, rather than technology, should be at the center of smart city development. "Smart cities built by smart people: How to build Smart cities using a contextual participatory approach?" proposes a participatory approach to smart city development. "The Smart city vision: The internet-of-postal-things (iopt) approach" presents a vision of smart cities based on the internet-of-things, specifically with a focus on postal services. "Smart cities & crowdsourcing. A bottom-up approach" explores the potential for crowdsourcing to contribute to smart city development. "Smart city: A system for measuring noise pollution" presents a technological solution for measuring and addressing noise pollution in cities. Finally, "Beyond indicators, new methods in Smart city assessment" suggests new methods for assessing the effectiveness of smart city initiatives.

Published: 2018-03-16