Vol. 2 No. 2 (2018)

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The articles in this collection focus on various aspects of the development and implementation of smart cities. "Twenty years of transparency development in the public sector: What has been achieved?" takes a critical look at transparency in the public sector. "Smart citizens for Smart cities: the role of social media for expanding local democracy (The case of local referendums in Bulgaria)" examines the role of social media in expanding democracy and citizen participation in smart city initiatives. "Smart decentralization? The radical anti-establishment worldview of blockchain initiatives" explores the potential of blockchain technology to facilitate decentralization and anti-establishment initiatives. "Designing adaptable smart home environment based on resident's activity" presents a case study of a smart home environment that is adaptable to the residents' needs and activities. "Smart city initiatives: Street lights" discusses the use of street lights as a means of implementing smart city initiatives. "Digitalization and smartening public governance of the European high north regions" explores the role of digitalization in improving public governance in northern European regions. "Blue smart economy- A current approach towards growth" presents a vision for a "blue economy" that utilizes the resources and potential of marine environments. Finally, "Data-driven support for smart renewal of urban neighbourhoods" proposes a data-driven approach to the renewal of urban neighborhoods in order to make them smarter and more sustainable.

Published: 2018-06-12