Vol. 3 No. 1 (2019)

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The articles in this selection cover a range of topics related to the economic, technological, and societal aspects of cities and governments. Wei-Bin Zhang's article explores the interplay between education, saving, tourism, imported energy, foreign goods, and trade balance in small open economies. Hari Stankov Nikolov and Milena Yordanova Krumova use Hofstede's model to cluster EU countries based on similarities and differences in e-government and open government. Robertina Zdjelar and Robert Kelemen question whether citizens are as "smart" as the cities they live in, while Bissera Zankova examines the concept of a "smart society" in the context of "fake analytica." Mauro Romanelli discusses how cities are rethinking innovation through technology, and Branko Dimeski, Memet Memeti, and Mimoza Bogdanoska-Jovanovska explore international cooperation for accelerating smart city development in the City of Skopje. Michael Galukande-Kiganda and Loraine Boitumelo Tumi Mzini evaluate participatory governance models for enhancing the quality of local governments, and Ama Kissiwah Boateng discusses the role of green hotel development in building resilient cities in Ghana.

Published: 2019-03-10