From fairy tales to smart concepts: Storytelling for VR


  • Iliana FRANKLIN Mediaframe Ltd, Escape Studios, London
  • Austin HILL
  • Anastasia GUROVA
  • Stevie STEDMAN
  • Leroy T.P. DIAS


storytelling, smart concepts, virtual eality


What we see around us and how today will affect tomorrow is all depending on our creativity. Our intelligent life is inspired from our imagination. Since the world exists the main source of ideas has derived from the fairy tales and fables that humanity learned in its infancy. These brainstorming sources of ideas are constantly used by the science and technology to move our life forward through embodying our dreams for freedom, justice, democracy and sustainability through smart concepts and solutions. The future is here inspired by myths and legends and represented by Michio Kaku in his futuristic visions. Our proposed work is to visualise some of these ideas into smart concepts for the future. Our panel will discuss and demonstrate how an idea can transform storytelling into a VR concept and will shed light onto the rise of some of the most ground-breaking emerging technologies.




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FRANKLIN, I. ., HILL, A. ., GUROVA, A. ., STEDMAN, S. ., DIAS, L. T. ., & BABINGTON, M. . (2021). From fairy tales to smart concepts: Storytelling for VR. Smart Cities and Regional Development (SCRD) Journal, 5(3), 77–102. Retrieved from