Smart comprehension – Comparing three smart cities from three Middle-European countries

  • Marcell László TÓTH
Keywords: smart city, urban development, sharing economy, comprehension


The topic of smart city is very actual and popular today. This is an urban development and management mode, what using the infocommunication technologies and smart devices and solutions, to made the city more effective, more environmental-friendly and more liveable for the citizens. However, there are big differences in smart city point of view between counties, regions and cities. In this study the chosen cities was compared across their smart city situation. These three are the following: Bratislava (Slovakia), Graz (Austria) and Győr (Hungary). The author analyze the strategic document, look at the working smart solutions from the cities, and find results about the three analyzed cities. The conclusion is that Graz is smarter than the other two cities, but Bratislava and Győr have good opportunities to catch up the European average. Graz could be a good pattern for this cities, both of them can learn from Austrian cities, if they want to reach their goal, and become the smartest city from their own country.