City intelligent life: A case study on Shenzhen city intelligent classification of domestic waste


  • Xiao-Yong WEN GuangDong Administration College, Guangzhou



safely, Shenzhen, waste


How to efficiently, conveniently, safely, scientifically and intelligently reform the urban garbage classification system and the environmental sanitation system is a common problem to promote the ecological development of urban life.Taking the key elements in the whole process of garbage collection and disposal as the starting point, taking the development of technology as the driving force to improve the management system as the guide, and combining the current situation of infrastructure construction and market practice of environmental sanitation system in Shenzhen city of China,following the intelligent technology route map and realization route of "internet + municipal solid waste classification" are established by using the time line,with supporting of modern information technology,from the aspects of publicity and education, policy designation and industrial chain construction, this essay will discuss on the intelligent management countermeasures of Sehnzhen urban domestic waste classification based on "Internet + " to fully exploit the potential value of municipal solid waste and form a win-win environment and sanitation intelligent ecological circle.

The necessity for sorting collection of municipal domestic waste was expounded. The status of municipal domestic waste sorting collection in China was analyzed. The waste sorting methods and techniques should be explained for residents and students in schools and residential communities. Equipment and systems of waste collection should be improved to facilitate residents in waste sorting.







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