Solving the traffic issue


  • Dragos Gabriel ION Bucharest University of Economic Studies



Smart traffic, green city, social awareness, artificial intelligence, traffic lights, traffic jam, CO2


Inside a city, the traffic is one of the greatest CO2 generator. The pollution is created by the increasing number of cars rushing from one part of the city to another. The traffic pollution is a real threat for all the large cities. Understanding how traffic works is the key element for the proposed solution. With each technology breakthrough, new challenges will undoubtedly appear. This is the case of the “engine†as we know it today. In order to create energy, the engine has to burn dinosaur pee (i.e. diesel; petrol; gas or a derivate of fossil fuel). As much energy is required, as much fuel the engine has to burn, this is a directly proportionate relationship between the two. When we are talking about the engine in a car, the biggest energy waste is happening while the car is building momentum (accelerating). Because inside a city the car has to build momentum for every traffic light, the efficiency of the engine drops; a large amount of fuel is burned and the pollution is accordingly. The proposed solution is trying to limit the number of times that the car has to build momentum (accelerate) through artificial intelligence and driver awareness.







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