Rediscovering urban intelligence within cities by technologies


  • Mauro ROMANELLI Parthenope University of Naples, Department of Business and Economics



urban, intelligence, technologies


As drivers of economic and social growth, and engines of innovation, cities develop urban intelligence relying on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a source to ensure high quality of life and improve processes and services. Smart cities and smart communities help build urban intelligence within cities aiming to proceed towards urban sustainability and promoting innovation and knowledge creation. Cities identify smart and intelligent solutions to facing and solving urban problems, by using the potential offered by information technology to drive innovative processes and proceed towards sustainable urban growth. Information technology helps cities to rediscover the meaning of community as an organizational framework that fosters collaboration within urban spaces. Local government, business, education and citizens understand the potential of information technology in order to transform the community in significant ways through collaboration. Intelligent cities as communities promote technological innovation and encourage people to work for achieving urban sustainability. As engines of innovation, cities as smart communities proceed towards urban intelligence by developing the urban community as an intelligent city which rediscovers a pathway for growth and knowledge, innovation and value creation.







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