Hybrid nature of modern threats for cybersecurity and information security

  • Oleksandr TSARUK Ecole Des Ponts Business School
  • Maria KORNIIETS Taras Shevchenko Universiy of Kyiv
Keywords: hybrid threats, cyber security threat, information security threat, categorization of threats


The paper deals with phenomena arising from radical disruptions in numerous spheres of human activity that challenge the conventional understanding of security. Authors endeavour to contribute to understanding of these changes and the emerging paradigm. The notions of cyber security, information security in relation to the cyber-physical systems security, and information security in broader sense which describes safeguarding the information flows to cyberspace and media were considered. Authors explore modern manifestations of these threats, and then dive into the hybrid nature of the threats to cyber- and information security, describing cyber threats and cyber attacks as merged with existing ‘conventional’ techniques. The examination of hybrids threats - the cyber leverages to diplomacy, the practice of cyber retaliation, cyber sabotage and espionage, cyber weapons and the cyber arms race - was given.