The participation of citizens to achieve smart people’s case study: Analyzing the use of online-based community complaint channels in Sleman regency

  • Helen Dian FRIDAYANI Department of Political Science, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan
  • Li-Chun CHIANG Department of Political Science, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan
Keywords: Smart Citizens, Smart Regency, Online Complainant, Government, Lapor Sleman


The concept of a smart city according to several studies is very feasible to be adopted and developed as a solution to urban problems so far. Six smart city concepts can be adopted by adjusting the conditions of each city. The six concepts are a smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart government, smart living, and smart infrastructure. After all, the most important element of a city area is the citizens of the city itself. The concept of a smart city was born to answer the problems faced by citizens. The concept of a smart city can be realized if coupled with efforts to make smart city residents (Smart Citizen). Intelligence is not just talking about improving the level of academic education, but increasing awareness and awareness of citizens to be directly involved in the process of formulating government policies and programs in their cities. Through the use of current information technology advances, it is very possible to do and be initiated by the government. Therefore, this paper will analyze the participation of the community in Sleman Regency to achieve the smart peoples. The method used in this study is qualitative and quantitative in which qualitative in-depth interviews are conducted with various sources, namely the government and the community and quantitative is done by distributing 100 questionnaires. The results of this study indicate that people are happy with the government's efforts to realize the concept of smart cities and districts. Besides, although the government has made various kinds of complaints channels to be closer to the community, several factors influence the community to use these channels, such as because of education, and  inclusion. In the other hand, another factor that the most influence the use of public complaints is the response from the government.