Account based ticketing (ABT) integration for seamless multi-modal transport systems in smart cities


  • Eduardo Martínez GIL NTT DATA, Barcelona, Spain
  • Arturo Corbi VALLEJO NTT DATA, Madrid, Spain



Urban Mobility, MaaS, Intermodal, Account based System


The digital transformation of urban transportation systems remains a critical challenge in Smart Cities' development. This paper addresses the pervasive issue of inadequate digitalization within public transportation systems. The paper highlights the promise of Account Based Ticketing (ABT) as a pivotal solution for integrating diverse public and private transportation modes allowing users to access different transportation services with a single account, without the need for new physical tickets or cards. ABT approach represents a breakthrough in seamlessly amalgamating various transportation operators' systems, transcending city limits into broader metropolitan spheres, and fostering integration and interoperability across transportation modes operated by disparate entities. Emphasizing beyond-city-scale integration, it explores the potential value of ABT to connect transportation networks extending into metropolitan influences. The proposed approach involves analyzing the implementation and functionality of ABT systems, underlining their capacity to overcome existing barriers in multi-modal transportation. The results anticipate enhanced accessibility, increased ridership, and streamlined user experiences, contributing to the realization of efficient and interconnected urban transport networks. This study not only underscores the value of ABT in revolutionizing contemporary transportation systems but also examines its broader implications for future urban planning and smart city development, highlighting the transformative potential and essential role that ABT plays in shaping the future of integrated transportation and Mobility as a Service in Smart Cities.







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“Account based ticketing (ABT) integration for seamless multi-modal transport systems in smart cities”, SCRD, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 73–80, Feb. 2024, doi: 10.25019/am7zzf87.

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