Smart government in local adoption – Authorities in strategic change through AI


  • Christian SCHACHTNER IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Bad Reichenhall


Innovation Management, Learn and Improve, AI as game changer for Transformation


The digital revolution is an issue for local authorities to actively shape the dynamic change of service expectations.
The Objectives of the research project are investigations in how AI-support can speed up decisions of authorities in unknown, dynamically changing situations professionally. The scientific interest lies in the question of possible linking options between learning theories of adult human education and deep learning strategies of machine learning approaches.
The Prior work serves the element of service optimization for citizens or business concerning the use of AI-applications for direct interaction and for process optimization in the background of processing.
The Approach is in addition to an introduction to the basic user scenarios of AI technology in the public task spectrum of local governance. In this respect, it bases on the empirical findings of the study ‘Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration - Fields of Application and Scenarios”.
The Results concern the understanding that human and AI-basic technologies are action-oriented learning systems performing in the fields of creating services in the web 4.0, such as the internet of things. Development learning theories, such as transformative learning for Data Scientists and Public Managers, should have an impact on more customer related AI-applications.
The Implications of this interdisciplinary projekt should give an impact to academics in the public management and data sciences as well as specialists of learning in the field of human and machine-interaction. For practioners and leaders of local authorities, the possibilities of implementing AI-services should become clear.
The Value of the paper lies in the combination of administrative, learn-strategic, technological, and ethical requirements to be proposed in order to get the application scenarios of AI off the ground, also in the sense of acceptance management in the face of persistent innovation blockades of general ‘smart government’ measures.




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