Space technologies, smart cities, and national security: asmart(er) state synergy


  • Ulpia-Elena BOTEZATU Romanian Space Agency, Bucharest, Romania National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, Romania


infrastructure vulnerabilities, cyber threats, complex governance, resilience, predictive policy


In the Smart(er) State era, the dynamic synergy between space technologies, smart cities, and national security takes center stage, guided by practical examples that vividly illustrate the profound impact of this convergence.Space technologies, including Earth observation satellites facilitating urban planning, satellite-based communication networks empowering connectivity, and advanced navigation systems optimizing 
transportation, are at the forefront of reshaping urban landscapes and driving sustainability in smart cities.Practical examples spotlight the intricate interplay between smart cities and national security, shedding light on real-world cyber threats that challenge city infrastructure, vulnerabilities that jeopardize essential services, and the ethical concerns surrounding data privacy in urban surveillance. This paper goes further to showcase how space technologies actively enhance smart city security. Tangible instances include the use of satellite-based emergency services for swift disaster response, Earth monitoring systems for proactive disaster management, and space-based navigation for robust transportation security. In addressing the challenges and ethical considerations posed by this interplay, we emphasize the need for cross-sector collaboration, underpinned by rigorous governance and policy frameworks. This collaborative effort serves as the cornerstone for achieving a secure and resilient urban future. Finally, this paper casts its gaze toward the horizon, anticipating future trends that will be driven by space-based technologies, such as predictive policing and sustainability initiatives within smart cities. It concludes by offering actionable recommendations for building smart cities that are not only secure but also sustainable and resilient in the face of emerging challenges.




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BOTEZATU, U.-E. 2024. Space technologies, smart cities, and national security: asmart(er) state synergy. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 241–252.

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