Vol. 10 (2022): Accelerating innovation

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Proceedings of the 10th Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) - December 2022
Universul Academic Publishing House - ISBN 978-630-6590-08-7
Universitară Publishing House - ISBN 978-606-28-1715-2

The Proceedings of the Smart Cities International Conference, 10th Edition, 2022, encapsulate a broad array of research and discussions around the theme of smart cities and accelerating innovation. The conference material covers a myriad of topics ranging from artificial intelligence and deep learning to healthcare and data security in smart cities. Contributions like Catalin Vrabie's "Deep Learning. Viitorul inteligenței artificiale și impactul acesteia asupra dezvoltării tehnologiei" explore the future of artificial intelligence in technology development, while other papers such as "Using a modern honeypot model to defend smart cities" by Guy Waizel delve into cybersecurity aspects pertinent to urban areas. Additional topics include the intersection of digital and traditional education, sustainable architecture, urban mobility, and the role of small and medium enterprises in smart city development. The proceedings also feature discussions on specific technologies like the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and AI biases, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of current trends, challenges, and solutions in the realm of smart cities.

Published: 2023-10-23