Modeling the smart city performance, Croatian Case


  • Robert KELEMEN Varazdin county prefecture
  • Robertina ZDJELAR City Utility Company Komunalac
  • MiÅ¡el JAKÅ IĆ City of Koprivnica
  • Maja HLEB City Utility Company Komunalac



Smart City indicators, Benchmarking on indicators, Data sources for ISO 37120 indicators, Sustainable development of communities, Indicators for city services, Quality of life


A smart city term can be considered as a buzzword used in many areas such as science, industries or governments. Since the main vision of Smart Cities is to develop urban environment using Information and Communication Technology and Internet of Things it is not important if it is a subject, an object, a goal or a tool. Everything is correct – it is a kind of asocial and ICT topicat the same time. TheObjectives of this research are: to use context analysis method – SWOT to identify the factors of strategic importance to the organization; in accordance with the strategy, to implement methodologies for a set of indicators which are used to govern, measure the performance and improve the quality of life using ISO 37120 Sustainable development of communities - Indicators for city services and quality of life (hereinafter: ISO 37120); and finally, to indicate the problems and issues which appeared in collecting data process.Approach: This paper presents the data sources for ISO 37120 Smart City indicators – Croatian case: data collection methods, intervals, publication forms, public or non-public sources and many other issues.Results presented in this paper: firstly, the joint methodology of SWOT and ISO 37120; secondly, the possibility of data integration, problems and issueswhich occurred during the survey; and finally, the model of collecting data indicators value used in measuring the compliance with the factors of strategic importance to the company. Implications of research results for the practice to be implemented in Croatian small Smart City, at least one. Value The key contribution of this paper is the systematic research of every data source needed, the procedure of receiving data, intervals, reporting the issues discovered, raising the awareness of the need to have publicly available data, and, of course, combining SWOT with ISO 37120 methodology.







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“Modeling the smart city performance, Croatian Case”, SCRD, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 21–42, Oct. 2017, doi: 10.25019/scrd.v1i1.7.

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