Creative philanthropy and smart cities


  • Ani MATEI National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest,Romania
  • Menachem ZILBERKLANG National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest,Romania


creative philanthropy, smart cities, innovation


The” creative philanthropy” is more and more present in recent debates and studies, along with models of” charity/ service”,” scientific/philanthropy” or” new scientific” approaches. Belonging rather to the third model, “creative philanthropy” is a basic characteristic of the new philanthropy at the beginning of the 21st century that offers some of the funds to take a different way to help the society. Anheier & Leat (2006)appreciate that “philanthropy is experiencing a crisis due to a lack of awareness about the potential that foundations could have. The ability to overcome this crisis provides the key to reinventing philanthropy as a central institution of modern society”. In this context, creative philanthropy becomes a central issue of today’s philanthropic foundations. The progress of smart cities is to be added to the issues researched before. Recent field literature offers a numerous example of cities where” philanthropy is integral to progress”. This study is a detailed approach of the conjunction/contiguity between creative philanthropy and smart cities, offering arguments and development support for more extensive studies in the future.







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MATEI, A. and ZILBERKLANG, M. 2023. Creative philanthropy and smart cities. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 8, (Apr. 2023), 185–194.

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