Mainstreaming New European Bauhaus for green innovationtransformation in Romanian Regions – insights into SouthMuntenia Region


  • Nicoleta TOPIRCEANU SNSPA Student, Bucharest, Romania


sustainable development, together , beautiful , nature , participation


As a creative and interdisciplinary initiative launched by the European Commission in 2020, the New European Bauhaus (NEB) aims to connect the European Green Deal with the space and life experience of the European 
citizen, giving him a cultural and creative dimension. Also, the NEB aims to support and accelerate the green transition of settlements and regions, societies and economy, the main objective being to integrate the values and principles promoted in policy-making at European and national level in order to bring positive changes at local level and improve people's quality of life. The paper provides a brief history of the concept, its actual European context, and the mechanisms for integrating the values and principles promoted in policy preparation at European, national and regional level. An important section of this paper is dedicated to a case study that explores compatibility, integration of the NEB concept and integrated approach to potential actions financed at the level of 
the South Muntenia Region in Romania. The paper also presents good practices regarding the concept. The paper is based on communications, reports, presentations and guidelines from the European Commission regarding the launch of the concept, the compass on the objectives and ambitions of the initiative, funding conditions, and also progress since its launch and to date. Thus, I have studied the documents presented by the European Commission and available on the website dedicated to the NEB initiative, the national legislation that integrates the concept as a priority at the level of relevant strategies. To determine the extent to which the NEB concept has been integrated into funding programmes and what actions are foreseen, I analyzed programmatic documents at regional level in 
Romania, particularly from South Muntenia Region. The results show that the NEB has become a catalyst for the European Green Deal transformation, a movement with an active and growing community in all EU Member States and beyond, including Romania. At the same time, thanks to broad funding from various EU programmes, NEB has begun to implement real change in the field. The paper can be useful to local, regional and managing authorities as well as citizens and people from various backgrounds (art and design, culture and cultural heritage 
institutions, educators, scientists and innovators) because it is a guide to support the NEB initiative that brings together sustainable development, inclusion and aesthetics.




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TOPIRCEANU, N. 2024. Mainstreaming New European Bauhaus for green innovationtransformation in Romanian Regions – insights into SouthMuntenia Region. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 223–240.

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