Landscaping of a park in the area of the former Military Units in the Municipality of Alexandria


  • Anne Marie GACICHEVICI Architect Chief of Municipality of Alexandria, County of Teleorman, Romania


sustainable urban development, city revitalization, brownfield regeneration, conversion , recreation, relaxation , leisure, air pollution reduction , noise reduction


The general objective of the project is the functional conversion and reuse of an unused land in Alexandria's urban area and its transformation into a recreational and leisure area for the population, in order to improve the living conditions of the citizens. The investment aims at transforming the unused land into an area friendly to the inhabitants, a recreation, sport and leisure area, rich in vegetation. The specific objectives of the project are represented by O.S.1 Reuse of the park space through the development of public green spaces (19,368.00 sqm of open space, 17,972 sqm of green space), equipping with specific equipment and commissioning and O.S.2 Improvement of the urban environment by reducing pollution. The objective was to achieve the horizontal principles through specific actions on sustainable development by creating public spaces, unitary, that meet the requirements of civilized citizens of the city, with unlimited access, a place for rest, contemplation, leisure and recreation; providing facilities by installing street cysts, fountains, equipment for playgrounds and sports, ecological public toilets, gazebo; positive impact on the environment by preventing noise and other pollution – by providing planted areas around the perimeter of the park to screen the space, with green spaces as one of the most important tools for improving air, water and soil quality and equal opportunities and non-discrimination by adapting the pedestrian space for the visually impaired by installing tactile and visual pathways; providing specific facilities for disabled access to public services by ensuring that no steps are provided along the park's pedestrian routes. The positive effects expected through the realisation of the investment objective will be: sustainable urban development by exploiting the land and transforming it into a recreational and leisure area, improving the environment of the municipality by reducing noxious and noise pollution, reducing human heat islands, reducing exposure to UV radiation; increasing the standard of living and comfort of the residents.




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GACICHEVICI, A.M. 2024. Landscaping of a park in the area of the former Military Units in the Municipality of Alexandria. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 143–156.

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