Educational needs in green education: a survey-based exploration among Romanian students


  • Miruna-Elena ILIESCU National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania


sustainable communication, greenwashing awareness, green claims


This paper aim aligns with recommendations from recent research, exploring greenwashing education among Romanian socio-economic students. The study aims to contribute insights into the specific educational needs within the social fields concerning greenwashing and discern the potential implications for consumer behavior in this context. The current study builds upon preceding research conducted by the author, where professionals in ecological fields underscored the prevalence of deceptive practices, leading to the misleading of urban consumers. The limited comprehension of green claims and regulatory nuances among urban inhabitants emerged as a salient contributing factor. Employing a survey-based methodology, the research captures practical insights from students in socio-economic fields. The 16-question questionnaire explores participants' perceptions and knowledge on green claims. Preliminary findings indicate varying levels of awareness and experiences with greenwashing among Romanian students. The survey data provides insights into factors influencing the recognition of deceptive environmental claims, their impact on consumer choices, and perceived corporate responsibility. The study's implications extend to academics, researchers, and practitioners interested in sustainable communication and consumer behavior. For smart city development, addressing students' greenwashing awareness gaps is crucial. Integrating sustainability into urban education can empower citizens for informed choices. At the community level, combating greenwashing requires targeted programs fostering environmental literacy. Hence, in academia, identified gaps highlight the need for integrated greenwashing modules, preparing future professionals for sustainability challenges. This research offers a nuanced perspective on greenwashing by centering on Romanian students' perceptions. Its value lies in informing interventions, policies, and education efforts to combat greenwashing, fostering an informed and sustainable consumer base. The insights contribute uniquely to the Romanian context, enriching the global discourse on sustainable practices and consumer awareness.




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ILIESCU, M.-E. 2024. Educational needs in green education: a survey-based exploration among Romanian students. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 527–538.

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