How research and development spending shapes societal welfare and sustainability metrics in Europe


  • Ioana-Maria URSACHE Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Iași, Romania
  • Madalina-Ioana PETREA Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Iași, Romania


sustainable practices, innovation, economic development, quantitative research


This research delves into the intricate relationship between Research and Development expenditure and key societal indicators within European Union nations. Through this research we aim to elucidate the overarching 
relationship between the research and development investment and societal wellbeing, transcending borders and regions. Furthermore, we aim to assess the universal patterns between innovation funding and digital inclusivity, represented by the internet access rates. Another objective of this research is to determine the potential European impact of research and development allocations on sustainable practices, using the recycling 
rate of municipal waste and circular material use rate as key indicators. Nevertheless, we aim to contribute to the global dialogue on optimizing research and development spending for multifaceted societal and 
environmental advancements. Previous studies have illustrated the importance of research and development expenditure as a significant factor influencing a nation’s growth, technological innovation and societal 
well-being. Within the European context, research has consistently shown the intricate dynamics between innovation spending and societal indicators. However, few have delved deep into the multi-dimensional 
outcomes of such expenditures, particularly in areas like poverty internetaccess and sustainable practices. Drawing upon prior studies highlight the significance of the Research and Development expenditure to national growth and societal well-being, this investigation employs a quantitative approach, sourcing data from official EU databases. Utilizing SPSS for statistical analysis, preliminary results reveal a positive correlation between the expenditure on research and development and internet access, as well as sustainable practices. The findings offer profound implications for both academia and practitioners, suggesting that investments on research and development shape diverse societal and environmental outcomes. Unique in its comprehensive exploration of 
the multifaceted impacts of research and development spending, this research bridges economic, societal and environmental paradigms, thereby enriching the existing academic discourse and aiding in the formulation of 
holistic developmental strategies within the European Union.




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URSACHE, I.-M. and PETREA, M.-I. 2024. How research and development spending shapes societal welfare and sustainability metrics in Europe. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 433–442.

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