Integrated European – level measures regarding artificial intelligence in relation to human rights


  • Georgiana Madalina MIHAILA National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), Public Administration Faculty, Bucharest, Romania


protecting citizens in the context of new technologies, AI risks, education and digital skills


This paper explores the integrated measures adopted at the European level to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to ensure that human rights are respected and protected. The influence of artificial intelligence in various domains, from the economy to social life, has grown considerably. With this in mind, the European Union (EU) has developed a legislative and regulatory framework to enable the use of these advanced technologies without prejudice to human dignity, fundamental freedoms and human rights. This includes the implementation of a risk-based approach, which classifies AI applications according to their potential impact on individual rights and freedoms. In addition, the EU promotes training and education on the ethical use of AI. Improving the digital skills needed in Europe is essential so that citizens can benefit from new technologies to their advantage and avoid their potential pitfalls. The research underlines the importance of a formal framework leading to an AI-based ecosystem that promotes innovation, but at the same time respects fundamental human values and rights. Artificial intelligence can significantly improve the quality of life of citizens, but associated risks and good risk prevention measures must be considered. The prudent use of new technologies is an issue of concern to countries around the world, which is why international cooperation initiatives are essential to harmonise global standards and promote responsible AI governance. The European Union aims to develop citizens who are able to navigate and positively influence technological development without being affected by their fundamental rights, which has a significant long-term impact in a society that wants to be anchored to new realities but also maintain social equity.




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MIHAILA, G.M. 2024. Integrated European – level measures regarding artificial intelligence in relation to human rights. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 381–386.

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