The role of NHIH in the digitalization of health, smart citycondition


  • Cristina Teodora SICLOVAN NHIH, Bucharest, Romania


electronic health record, electronic prescription, medical services, digital technology, interoperability of health systems


The digitization of health is a priority of the European Union, Romania being involved in several projects, some of which are carried out by the National Health Insurance House (NHIH), in collaboration with partner 
institutions. The objectives of the ongoing projects are: “Modernization and optimization of the contracting and settlement of medical services”, “Computer System for Modern Management of Access to Medical Services, 
Acts, Recommendations and Technologies – SIGMA SMART”, “Development and expansion of the electronic file of health (EFH)”, “Implementation of the electronic prescription”, “Implementation of the electronic referral ticket”, “Implementation of the electronic medical letter”, “Development of the national telemedicine system”, “Interoperability of health systems”. All these projects regarding the use of digital technology in health are aimed at optimizing the patient's access to quality medical services, easing the work of medical personnel, reducing waiting times, ensuring the accuracy and security of data circulation in the national system and cross-border health system, generating reports and analyzes on the state of the health system, making the best diagnostic and therapeutic decisions for patient care and optimizing the use of funds in the social health insurance system. To carry out this work, I used the data available at the level of the National Health Insurance House (studies, plans), the press releases from the NHIH management and discussions with people involved in these projects. The implementation of digitization projects was based on feasibility studies, scientific data, based on the experience of the teams of specialists involved in the projects, in compliance with the standards and legal regulations in force and the recommendations of the European Commission. The work is a review of the ongoing projects at NHIH, the current problems facing the health system and is a basis for discussions for future debates, ideas, proposals and solutions in order to optimize the functioning of the health system.




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SICLOVAN, C.T. 2024. The role of NHIH in the digitalization of health, smart citycondition. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 305–312.

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