Anatomia orasului inteligent. Viitorul sistemelor de sanatate


  • Teodora IONESCU INCDMI „Cantacuzino”, București
  • Daniela PIȚIGOI UMF „Carol Davila”, București


intelligent city, health systems, uture healthcare, electronic health/medical record, optimization algorithms


The Intelligent City and the health of its citizens are without doubt connected through a strong, biunivocal relation. This modern concept of urban planning should ensure a harmonious and, thus, healthy development of the society. At the same time, its inhabitants will benefit from a physical, mental and social well-being state that will allow them to prosper intellectually and technologically, continuously improving urban living optimization methods. Health systems and organizations are highly influential on individual performances and quality of life. The medical systems of the future should implement innovative measures at both individual and population levels. Certain medical imaging services are a good example for the importance of the technological progress in healthcare. Combining advanced computational techniques and optimized image processing algorithms in order to provide rapid and accurate image analysis, these programs allow radiology specialists to interpret and deliver test results up to 50 times faster than a regular radiological investigation. The data found in the electronic health/medical records (frequently Big Data) can be processed nowadays using specifically designed algorithms, thereby allowing patients to be classified according to their individual risk of developing certain acute illnesses that would require hospitalization. The solutions described in this paper are considered to be useful tools for implementing efficient preventing measures and for the improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, along with the reduction of costs in healthcare systems.




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IONESCU, T. and PIȚIGOI, D. 2023. Anatomia orasului inteligent. Viitorul sistemelor de sanatate. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 2, (Mar. 2023), 46–54.

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