Smart and empathetic: the dual imperatives of effective political leadership


  • Ioana Andreea DOGEANU PhD Student at NUPSPA Doctoral School, Bucharest, Romania


governance strategies, decision-making processes, cognitive synergy, leadership models


This paper aims to explore the convergence of intelligence and empathy within the realm of political leadership, examining how these attributes synergize to tackle contemporary challenges at both national and international levels. The objectives include investigating the interplay of intelligence and empathy in political leaders, analyzing how leaders possessing both qualities navigate intricate political landscapes, assessing the impact of a smart and empathetic approach on decision-making in situations demanding nuanced understanding, discussing potential policy implications arising from a leadership model that integrates both intelligence and empathy, and conducting a comparative analysis of leaders characterized by predominantly intellectual prowess,predominantly empathetic qualities, and a balance of both. Through these objectives, the paper seeks to provide valuable insights into the optimal combination of intelligence and empathy for effectively addressing the intricate challenges inherent in political leadership. The paper serves as a bridge between academia and real-word application, providing a nuanced understanding of smart and empathetic leadership that can inform future research,academic discourse, and practical decision-making in the realm of politics. Academics contribute to the expansion of knowledge and provide a theoretical foundation, offering researchers valuable insights for future studies. Meanwhile, practitioners, including politicians, derive practical guidance to improve leadership effectiveness and shape informed policy decisions. Through a synthesis of theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence, the article elucidates the multifaceted advantages of a smart and empathetic approach, shedding light on its implications for effective governance and societal well-being. The research outcomes may guide the formulation of policites that emphasize a balance between intellectual acumen and empathetic understanding, contributing to more informed and compassionate governance.




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DOGEANU, I.A. 2024. Smart and empathetic: the dual imperatives of effective political leadership. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 11, (Jun. 2024), 423–432.

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