Corporate governance of the future


  • Diana MOȘNEANU National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania


e-transformation, recruitment, border, software, e-governance


Objectives Main research objective: Digitalized recruitment in accordance with the requirements of Corporate Governance, DM Software. At the international level, there is a tendency of intense digitization, affecting the area of recruitment beyond the initial stage, reaching the development of specialized recruitment software through algorithms to determine the best solutions and eliminate the human factor from the process. Secondary research objective: In Romania, climate change has remained only at the theoretical stage, the practical applicability of the measures proposed by the government is cumbersome, requiring the adoption of concrete measures and easy to apply. The idea of sustainability should not be limited only to climate change, it represents the continuity strategy assumed by the present management, taken into account in the management selection process, and has as a consequence a much more efficient composite, aware of the effects of their present decisions. The idea of sustainable governance by digitalize the recruitment and selection process is achievable by simulating the implementation of the process in Romanian Public Enterprises. Prior work An adequate governance framework is fundamental for enhancing economic performance, especially in developing and transitional states, which want to join the European Union and to help deter fraud and mismanagement.Studying the performance indicators and adapting them to a software for recruiting and selecting future members in the Boards of Directors of Public Enterprises, in terms of Corporate Governance, in order to make the process itself transparent and decentralized. Researches in the field of Corporate Governance motivate the continuous transformation of the Public Administration,meeting the need to digitalize it in the context of sustainability, Approach The efforts made to collect the information needed to complete the research resources are based on variables whose standards will be defined according to the criteria of good governance and economic performance, some criteria mandated by the European Union, target the listed companies and the secure markets, such as blockholdings, the digitalization process-a new aproch in Corporate Governance. Study case: Romania?s Public Enterprises, Results (Obtaining official data from Public Undertakings is a proof of transparency itself, with the expected results automatically achieving the objectives and providing answers to research questions. At the same time, the importance of digitalizing the processes of recruitment of the top management of public enterprises is highlighted. Researching new ways of digitized recruitment and selection of the future members of the Board of Directors of Public Enterprises under the tutelage of the Public Authority it emerge several models of software programs secured and adapted to the needs of the Public Administration, such as be DM Software (decision making software), oriented towards Corporate Governance enhance transparency and has as a consequence the decentralization of the selection process, Implications Due to the fact that I am studying in the second year, I did not have the honor of involving other people with expertise, for the time being, and Value In the Romanian public administration, the recent progress has contributed to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework against abuse, which is why I proposed to bring to the fore the importance of studying this area, adding value, by studying the possibility of adopting new tools for the public sector in Romania, support mechanisms, simple, uncompromising, completing the digitalization process in public sector.




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MOȘNEANU, D. 2023. Corporate governance of the future. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 7, (Mar. 2023), 165–176.

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