Transformations of administration and administrative law in the national and European space after 1989


  • Valentin-Stelian BĂDESCU Bucharest Bar, Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy
  • Ruxandra Ioana BĂDESCU School of Business Administration, Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest


legal order, soft law, European Union, integration, sovereignty


Symbolically, the year 1989 - named on the official website of the European Parliament as the Year of Miracles - brought the liberation of the nations of Eastern Europe under the communist regime. The release revealed a picture painted in dark colors of reality, which highlighted the contrast between the two parts of the continent. From the beginning, the states released in 1989 have taken a single path, namely that of real democratization, effective governance, in which citizens become partners and beneficiaries of the political-administrative institutions. This path, which the citizens of central and eastern Europe wanted to go from the beginning, led to accession to the European Union - all the states that regained their freedom in 1989 being today members of the European political and administrative space. But this path meant the complete transformation of the constitutional, legal, administrative, economic, social and moral framework, which led to the adoption of adequate public policies and new constitutions, new laws of public administration and in the field of property, business environment. and so on All these public policies and new normative acts created another reality, closer to the models of articulated societies in the west of the continent. However, citizens feel the need for a deeper transformation of the states and communities in which they live, which forces the political and administrative decision makers to a higher quality conduct, in relation to the highest European standards. In any country, science is obliged to understand the realities in which people act, to find the best models for society and solutions to problems that daily life cannot solve. To achieve these goals, researchers and academics, along with practitioners, must meet constantly, have a deep, open dialogue, following which they formulate new ideas and proposals for improving the political, administrative, economic, social and social framework. moral of their countries, starting from a clear and complete analysis of reality.




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BĂDESCU, V.-S. and BĂDESCU, R.I. 2023. Transformations of administration and administrative law in the national and European space after 1989. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 7, (Mar. 2023), 99–116.

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