Mitigation of seismic risk through monitoring structures in Romania


  • Stefan Florin BALAN National Institute of R-D for Earth Physics
  • Alexandru TIGANESCU National Institute of R-D for Earth Physics
  • Bogdan Felix APOSTOL National Institute of R-D for Earth Physics


Vrancea earthquakes, vulnerability of buildings, seismic accelerations, response spectra


Objectives: Presenting the importance of monitoring structures in cities exposed to seismic hazard of Romania, such as Bucharest and Focsani (Vrancea seismic zone). Will be presented the instrumented buildings and details of the procedures involved. The earthquakes on which were made the recordings will be mentioned with their characteristics. Prior work: The authors have experience in the domain and have presented and published many papers on the subject. Approach: Through the National Seismic Network (RSN) of the National Institute of R-D for Earth Physics were installed seismic stations on several buildings at ground floor, intermediate floors and top floors and the recordings were processed and analysed by the authors. Results: will be parameters recorded on the structure, such as accelerations, response spectra, etc. parameters which characterize the response of a structure during a seismic event. Implications: The study presents interest for researchers in the field because we analyse the structural response on a variety of case studies on seismic events that occurred during the last years, to civil engineering designers to have a test on their work and also could be useful for urban planners to understand better the behavior of a building during earthquakes, in different areas of the city. Value: New data about the response of structure from recent seisms, after 2010, could certify the behavior of buildings for even stronger events. The signals recorded could be used as input data for databases in future smart cities.




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BALAN, S.F. et al. 2023. Mitigation of seismic risk through monitoring structures in Romania. Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) Proceedings. 6, (Mar. 2023), 129–136.

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