The importance of intelligent urbanism


  • Alexandra IANCU Faculty of Public Administration National University of Political Studies and Public Administration


urbanism, landscaping, urban infrastructure, smart city, transport


Urbanism is ubiquitous in our lives. We live it every day, we perceive it whatever we undertake. We run into him when we go shopping, when we go to work, college, school or the park. We surround ourselves and carry out our activity surrounded by it. It is the everyday context and background. We often use a set of words that describe the feelings we have when we interact with places or cities. We say that we "like" city X, "love" area Y, or even "hate" or "hate" a house or a building. Thus, what we feel is determined by what we perceive: harmony, contrast, balance, dynamics, the elements that make the whole functional. Another criterion is the aesthetic sense and the representation of beauty (or why not, of the grotesque) in the eyes of the beholder, who absorbs. "Good" or "appropriate" urbanism is what encourages us to make these connections, to make our experiences not only pleasant, but also practical. Educated imagination is a key element. In parallel, mathematics, objective analysis and functional principles make us expand our range of possibilities for "perfecting" the framework in which we exist. The beginning of the 21st century finds the urban universe at the confluences of the cultural, social, political and economic currents specific to this period of development and communication unprecedented in the history of humanity. The need to physically organize the functional units of the settlements is ingeniously solved from the dawn of civilization, there is undisputed archaeological evidence in this regard. Gradually, during the evolution, more and more elaborate structures appeared, meant to streamline and harmonize both the infrastructure and the constructions inside the localities. Although coagulated as a science for about a hundred years, a relatively short period compared to the millennial development of architecture - a complementary field, resonating in the cultural area -, it reveals an undeniable importance in the new landmarks of modern life.







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